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Pauline North Author


Hi, I'm Pauline North and I would like to introduce you to Consequences, my first published book. 

This is the first book in my Green Man series, it introduces you to Beth and Jack.

At the very start of their relationship, when they are barely more than friends, although the attraction is already growing, Beth witnesses a murder.

When the murderer then attacks Beth Jack turns up to rescue her and save her life.

It is while they are hiding out together, hunted by the murderer that Jack admits to Beth that he is a Green Man, and sort of immortal.

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This was my very first review. Needless to say I was very pleased with it

A Debut novel of many strengths

Pauline North's debut novel Consequences is a romantic thriller with a touch of fantasy. Its greatest strength becomes evident right from the beginning; characterisation. Beth, the narrator, we get to know very quickly and, as the cast expands, the reader soon becomes familiar with all the main protagonists. The sense of place is also important and location description is very effective. Rural Surrey is the setting for the narrative with some events happening in neighbouring counties. It very much feels like a 'rural' novel.

The plot involves a number of local residents who appear to be involved with organised crime. There are a number of sub plots, one involving a dispute over the ownership of painting and the other a thwarted lover. Both serve as useful red herrings in following the main tale. The romance is handled very deftly and develops very well from a slow burning beginning to a very satisfactory climax.

The action sequences are well portrayed and exciting, the prose easy to read and relaxing. 

all in all a very accomplished first novel.

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The first Green  Man Story

ebook  £3.00   paperback  £6.50

 Dusty Windows  The second Green Man Story

  ebook  £3.00 Paperback  £7.50

A Step from the Shadows image.jpg

A Step from the Shadows 

The third Green Man Story

ebook £3.00  paperback  £8.50

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